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Canada / Mexico

Phase II Soil Investigation and Phase III Soil Remediation
Confidential Aerospace Manufacturing Client
Saint- Leonard, Quebec, Canada

Following a Phase I ESA in which ETG recommended the removal of an area of contaminated soil at the Site, a local contractor was retained to excavate and dispose of the contaminated soils, replace the excavated material with clean fill, and repave the excavated area.  ETG was retained to assess the condition of the site following removal of soil, determine if the petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations in the remaining soils in this area were below the applicable provincial clean-up levels, direct any further soil removal if necessary, and provide a report detailing the results of the site assessment. During a visual inspection of the soil conditions at the Site, ETG personnel observed the fill material located on the west sidewall of the excavation and on the north side of the building appeared to be saturated with oil. ETG personnel collected soil samples from the area and they were analyzed for petroleum hydrocarbons (C10-C50). Concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons were greater than established generic soil screening and cleanup guidelines. Thus, ETG supervised additional removal of soil at the Site and collected additional soil samples from the second excavation area. Samples were analyzed for petroleum hydrocarbon (C10-C50) and concentrations were below method detection limits or below established generic soil screening and cleanup guidelines.


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