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Western United States


Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Interstate Brands Corporation/Hostess Brands
Southern California

ETG personnel were contracted by Interstate Brands Corporation (IBC) to complete Phase I ESAs for fifteen IBC facilities located in southern California.  The sites ranged from large bakery facilities to small baked goods transportation depots.  The Phase I ESAs were completed within 60 days of receiving authorization to proceed.  In 2010, ETG was again contracted by IBC, now Hostess Brands, to provide updated Phase I ESAs related to corporate financing for three of the sites.

Environmental Due Diligence
Confidential Manufacturing Client
Torrance, California

ETG was retained by a S&P 500 industrial conglomerate to oversee and direct environmental due diligence efforts for the potential acquisition of a publicly traded company.  ETG was retained to identify any obvious visible environmental issues with the facility and to examine the manufacturing operations at the facility in order to help assess the risk of potential environmental liabilities associated with those operations. The accepted way to thoroughly assess the potential for environmental liabilities is to perform a Phase I ESA, and then follow up with additional investigations if required.  After determining that a Phase I ESA was being conducted at the facility by another environmental consulting company, ETG focused on identifying items of potential liability that are not typically included in a standard Phase I ESA.  ETG personnel also interviewed the President/CEO as well as the Director of Manufacturing Operations for the company.



Risk Management Services
Willamette Community Bank

For the past three years ETG personnel have been providing risk management services for Willamette Community Bank.  ETG has worked with Willamette Community Bank to manage their risk on commercial loans while keeping down the cost to their clients.  The range of risk management services have included: Environmental Property Screens, Environmental Transaction Screens, Phase I ESAs, and a soil gas evaluation to determine the potential risk to a property associated with a regional chlorinated solvent plume.



Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Active Retail Lumber Yard
Snohomish, Washington
First Heritage Bank

ETG personnel conducted a Phase I ESA at a 10-acre retail lumber yard in Snohomish County, Washington.  Work included reviewing agency databases for the site and surrounding properties, reviewing historical maps and aerial photos, conducting a site walk, interviewing key personnel, and preparing a report.  The property/business owner was able to secure a United States Small Business Administration (SBA) loan for continued operation of the business.



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